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Massage Therapy

 Customized Massage

This is customized for your needs

30 min  $55/ 60 min $80 /90 min $105

Stress Relief Massage 

This massage is for the person who needs to drift away from lifes daily stress. Includes stress relief blended oils, hot towels on back, face and feet. Starts out with a aromatherapy foot soak and hot tea. *(can be scent free if requested)

60 min  $95/ 90min $115

Hot Stone

Hot Stones used as tools, as tension melts away for deep relaxation

60 min  $90/ 90min  $110

Couples Massage (same room)

This massage is not just a massage. This is a spa experience. Start out with a hot ginger foot soak while sipping on a champagne mimosas and indulging in spa snacks and chocolates. Followed by a 1 hour massage on heated beds finished with hot towels on the back. (90min)